Smudge Kit

Lady Scorpio

Smudging your home on a regular basis is very important, especially when you are working with crystals + gemstones.
How can smudging your space be so powerful?
The answer lies in the world of spiritual energy.  Our homes, spaces + bodies are not just made up of purely physical matter; they also vibrate with quiet, invisible energy.
Cleansing your home + body with techniques, like smudging, clears away all the emotional + psychic “junk” that may have gathered over time.  You will immediately be able to feel a difference in the energy that surrounds you.
Burn the Sage to get rid of negative vibes
Use the Abalone shell as a resting place for your smudge stick.
Burn the Palo Santo for new beginnings and as natural incense. 
Use the Feather as a smudge fan to guide the smoke + stagnant energy into the wind to be cleansed
Spray your Aroma mist for a quick cleanse or take it with you when you’re on the go!
Quartz Crystal is a cleansing stone that will clear your thoughts and elevate your space, it also vibrationally connects to all 7 chakras!
Meditate with your Quartz crystal, then cleanse it with your sage stick or under the moonlight.
Small Smudge Kit includes:
Large Smudge Kit includes:


* Don’t forget to put them out fully before ever leaving the room! I like to spray them with a little water before I put them down to avoid any flames!

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