Elephant Parade Mandala Tapestry

Lady Scorpio

Every Lady Scorpio Mandala Tapestry is designed to create good vibes & positive energy.  

A Tapestry is a heavier, decorative textile created to be used as a wall hanging, or wherever your creative soul desires.  Mandalas can help relieve Tension & Anxiety, & can also stimulate Creative Thinking.

In many cultures, the mandala is often used as a symbol for meditation, protection, wholeness & healing.  It can be seen as a cosmic diagram that reminds us of the world that extends both beyond & within our bodies & minds.  In each dimension, this symbol appears in all aspects of life: the Celestial circles we call Earth, Sun and Moon, as well as our circles of friends, family & surroundings.

Each color & symbol within the mandala is believed to represent all aspects of life.  

Here are a few basics listed below:

The circle stands for wholeness, integrity & unity || Vertical Lines are the connection between worlds or Energy || Horizontal lines divides the earth & sky (maternal energy) || Square represents our existence in this material world || Cross equals Recognition || Dot everything is One || Circle divided into 12 parts means the cycle of nature and wholeness

Red: (1st Chakra) Fire and Passion || Orange: (2nd Chakra) Energy and Heat || Yellow: (3rd Chakra) Power, Light, & Joy || Green: (4th Chakra) Peace and Nature || Blue: (5th Chakra) Protection and Tranquility || Violet: (6th Chakra) Spiritual Forces || White: (7th Chakra) Purity and Unity 

Because each tapestry is strictly made for decoration, they are not as soft as a blanket or quilt (although they do soften up over time).  

Each is created to mesmerize the eye, they're incredibly stunning and pick up various colors in photographs that aren't always visible to the naked eye. I have included many pictures taken in natural lighting without being edited. Be aware that the colors you see, may be different from the next pair of eyes. Some of these tapestries WILL look more vibrant in photographs than in person. (Majority of the Pictures are captured with a Canon Rebel T3i.  A Smart Phone will NOT capture the same vibrant, quality). I DO NOT accept refunds due to color perception. Please purchase with confidence.

Follow my Instagram & Pinterest for a variety of creative ways to use your Lady Scorpio tapestry within your home or the outdoors. 

Large Size Tapestry: approximately 84 x 92 inches / 215 x 235 centimeters || Weight: 1.13 lb

Materials consist of 100% Cotton

** To avoid color fading, wash separately with cold water and hang or lay flat to dry.

Each mandala is handmade & may have slight flaws (color dye, thread, etc.) in the material.   Color perception can slightly change in pictures vs. in person because each color is extremely vibrant. You can’t help, but love these beauties because that’s what makes each so unique & beautiful!



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