Full Moon in Capricorn ☾☆

Full Moon in Capricorn ☾☆


Hello Gypsies ☾☆

I am so happy you can join me on my first blog post.  This blog is a little glimpse into my personal thoughts and emotions.

Being graced as a water sign, I am a secretive soul; I enjoy taking my sense of the world and translating it into art forms that don't entirely expose my emotions.  I am thrilled to share my every day experiences and inspire all of you gypsies.

These past few days, there has been a definite shift in energies.  I’ve been feeling an uncomfortable amount of mixed emotions.  I feel pulled into multiple directions of pressure and anxiousness.  I have a strong desire to understand what my duties are to the world.  What does destiny truly hold for me?  And whats next?  Change is needed, and I can certainly feel that.  Chaos has been stirring all around me, which has resulted in feeling distracted and unbalanced. 

In a different aspect, my inner child is coming to life & I desire more than EVER to adventure with my lover and my best friends.  Because of Capricorn, I feel such an urge to be more connected with the universe and society.  Life is beautiful.  I am beyond excited for my upcoming adventures and what life has to bring to me and those closest to me!

Photography Luna Blue | Stylist Steph Renfro | Wearing Free People
Location Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA

July 19. 2016 / Lady Scorpio Blog