Amethyst Crystal Stone

Lady Scorpio


encourages you to become in tune with your feelings.  Known as a natural stress reliever, it’s high vibration brings you protection, clarity of the mind and spiritual growth.

This healing stone assists with physical ailments such as headaches, insomnia, arthritis, pain relief, chronic fatigue, and general healing!

Use Amethyst’s beautiful energy to manifest wealth in your business, calm your thoughts during meditation, enhance your intuition, and in your home for peace and tranquility.


Decorate your space with these beautiful druzy clusters!  The perfect touch of magic for your home!

Each varies in size and details

Choose between:

Geode Cluster (1.5" - 3"; size + shape vary)

6oz Bundle (15-20 rough point stones)

13oz Bundle (20-35 rough point stones)


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