The Woman Behind the Magic ☾☆

December 11, 2015 4 Comments

The Woman Behind the Magic ☾☆

Who is Lady Scorpio?

I am a young gypsy that was born & raised within the beautiful mountains of Utah.  As a girl, I discovered the stars gifted me with such a wild and free spirit, along with a powerful mind to help make my dreams become a reality.  


I married my soulmate (who also happens to be a scorpio) in Spring of 2015.


My Fur baby Sparky (an adorable Boston Terrier) is considered our 1st child.


I am so fascinated with Astrology and other mysteries of the universe.

I am the girl with the mind that never sleeps.

The Sun calms me & brings me back to balance on my harder days.

I am a busy body; I’m always creating new goals & projects to tackle.

I never accept failure.  

Im a lover of the sun & the sea.  Im convinced in my previous life I was a mermaid.

I am consumed by wanderlust. My bucket list is large, but I plan to check everything off before its too late.

I love Nature; However, I could live without the insects.

I am a believer in creating every day to be an adventure worth living.

I believe in living life to its full capacity.  Life is a journey and only the individual can decide what to do with it.  Understand who you are & your destiny will lead you to prosperity.  I plan to make mine beautiful and quite the adventure! XX.

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Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson

July 19, 2016

You must have a very pretty mother!


July 17, 2016

Hi!! I basically fell in love with the marigold Flower Child hmong backpack and it is so perfect for me because i can never find a backpack big enough or fun enough to carry with me to all my classes! PLEASE tell me there is a chance you’ll get more! I’ve been checking every few days since I found it. The light blue one just doesn’t speak to me as much as the marigold!


June 06, 2016

" understand who you are and your destiny will lead you to prosperity "
Thank you for this! It is an affirmation of everything I have been doing lately! You are a beautiful soul.

fellow Scorpio ( moon) here! **

April 20, 2016

The Wildflower Secrets Mandala Tapestry is soooo gorgeous ! Is there any chance of getting any more just like it ! If so, please hold one for me and let me know right away ! I just purchased several of your tapestries and some other beautiful items that you have……love love love your site !
Blessed Be !
Ruthe in Homestead, Florida

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