Black Obsidian Tower Point
Black Obsidian Tower Point

Black Obsidian Tower Point

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Black Obsidian is a powerful stone known for protecting and bringing out the truth.  It’s formed by rapid, cooling volcanic lava and the coloring comes from its iron content.  This stone of truth helps to bring this to the surface, remove blockages and shatter illusions.  Its healing power clears the auric field, helps with self-control, and aids you with shock and trauma or past life issues.

Wear it, hold it, or place it in a room for protection against negative energies.


Use it for:

  • Rebalancing the digestive system
  • Relieve joint pain, arthritis + cramps
  • Aid the release of addiction + addictive behavior


 You will receive 1 obsidian polished point and a crystal meaning card!

Care + Content

Each point is unique; color, shape, size, and patterns will vary 

Approx. 3 - 3.5 x 1 inch



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