Peacock Ore Gemstones

Lady Scorpio

Peacock Ore encourages prosperity and abundance without + within.  It draws necessities and comforts to you.  It is well know to enhance financial and material success, as well as inner peace in a material world and gratitude for what you have!


This rough stone is also known as Bornite, an ore mineral of copper, and is known for it’s iridescent tarnish.


The Witch’s Stone of Magic

Hold to your third eye and say “I hold great power and wisdom within my being”


Choose between:

6oz (7-10 tumbled stones)

13oz (16-20 tumbled stones)


  • Each crystal is unique; size, shape, color and patterns will vary
  • Dimensions: Each piece approx. 1” - 1.75”

  • Imported
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