All Seeing Eye

Lady Scorpio

Mystics, gypsies, dreamers, and witches, this treasure is for you.

This wall hanging is currently being handcrafted and listed as a preorder - It’s projected to be ready and sent out towards the middle of March! Be sure to check your email for updates ( from )

The All Seeing Eye brings intuition & clarity to all who seek it.

Awakening can be a dark process for those who are suffering. However, in order to escape suffering, one must look within.
Gaze each morning into the mirror for cosmic insight and self-realization.
If you're brave enough to look, be prepared to witness your highest truth & inner power unleash.
Every order comes with a mantra & spell to enhance psychic abilities & imagination.
contact and ask any further questions.
Dimensions:  Eye 9.5x11 in. || Mirror 8.5 cm.


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