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Utah Live Elevated is a lifestyle collection dedicated to the nomads who want to express their love for the beautiful place we call home.
Whether its the desert or wilderness, we are passionate about the moments we live in adventure.

I am a young gypsy that was born & raised within the beautiful mountains of Utah.  As a girl, I discovered the stars gifted me with such a wild and free spirit, along with a powerful mind to help make my dreams become a reality.  I would like to introduce my Utah Collection, an expression of my love & appreciation for the place I call Home. 

For those of you who have never visited the state of Utah..

Utah is absolutely stunning.  Our summers on the lakes and mountains are breathtaking, While Skiing & Snowboarding on the “greatest snow on earth” in winter is unforgettable.  Utah is populated with some of the most beautiful and successful people in the world!  I have never been to another state that respects their streets and communities as much as we do.  Utah has done an amazing job keeping our fresh air clean and crime rate low.  

My fellow Utahns..

There honestly is no place like home!  I realized soon after traveling the country, Utah is the place to be.   I decided that starting a Utah collection can remind us Utahns where we’re from, and show everyone else where they need to be!  Now lets show some pride in the 801 and look good doing it!