The Chakra System is an ancient, metaphysical system that diagrams the interrelationship between various aspects of our multidimensional universe.
As part of this universe, we are multi dimensional - We have bodies, emotions, thoughts, ideas and actions;  We live in communities and create relationships;  We react to our environment and another’s behavior;  We ponder the mysteries of earth and sky, spirit and material, and study the past, present, and future.  We are as complex as the world around us.  The Chakra system addresses that complexity in a simple and systematic way.
Each Chakra governs psychological, emotional, and physical aspects of our lives.
Chakra Box offers practical tools to reclaim your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being by harnessing the power of the chakras.
Here we begin to balance your feminine and masculine energies, help with relationship obstacles and bring about physical healing, emotional clearing, and spiritual growth.
Each Chakra Box focuses on energizing 1 of the 7 major chakra centers with a variety of tools such as reference guides, an in-depth, transformational workbook, activities, crystals, digital downloads, jewelry, aromatherapy, artwork, cleansing rituals, and a powerful affirmation.


Anyone who resonates with the following:
You’re consumed with darkness and haven’t been able to see the light.
You’re hurt, violated, and heartbroken; You just want to feel loved.
Your external world isn’t aligned with your internal world.
You’re trying so hard to hold it all together, but you feel beaten and defeated.
You’ve been searching everywhere for answers, only to feel more lost and confused.
This feeling of isolation has built up within where you no longer understand yourself, who you are, and which direction you should go.
Whether you’ve flirted with death, disease, pain, or confinement, what if I told you that there’s a path to ultimate fulfillment?  


What if we could understand how to transform our pain into healing?




  • The purpose of each energy center
  • The ability to diagnose whether that specific chakra is blocked, healthy, and open
  • The emotional impact that chakra has on your when in balance
  • Clear understanding of the basic functions of each chakra
  • Identify the 7 chakra orientations in both yourself and others
  • How to strengthen that specific chakra center
  • Where to locate the 7 major chakras of your body
  • Foods that activate each chakra
  • Specific activities to activate each energy center
Because “the problem” is rarely the real problem.
When we grow up, we have a tendency to re-create the emotional environment of our early home life.  This is not good or bad, right or wrong, it’s just what we know inside as “normal”.  As we handle stress, negative experiences, or trauma, it’s important to not only understand how we cope with our issues, but why were processing them in such a way!  When we take a look at each Chakra, we discover hidden truths and beliefs that have been dictating the way you live your life.
A Chakra Box is for anyone, of any age, and anywhere around the world.
Chakras should be taught at a young age - as well as how our thoughts and emotions greatly influence our reality.
It’s also never too late to learn about chakras, you’d be surprised how many religions and cultures teach beliefs that originate from the Chakra System.
Seeking balance is a life long journey, each box is created not just for one healing, but as many times as you feel damaged and called to do the work.
I suggest dedicating a night to participating in the ritual and personal development work;  You can read it all in one sitting, a little every day, or whenever you feel out of balance.  You will also receive “check up” emails from me in your process of transformation.
You can use your Chakra Box in your home or safe space.  Most of the tools can be taken anywhere you feel necessary!  
Once you’ve ordered the Chakra Mastery package, I suggest starting from the ground up with the 1st chakra.
“I can’t afford the Chakra Mastery package - how do I know which chakra box to start with?” 

You can easily take the “Which of my chakras are imbalanced” quiz!  I have a short one, and an in-depth assessment.  Both are accurate! :)

“I really want to work on my personal healing, but I need to think about it first”

Don’t make your transformation too complicated - just begin.  A lot of people resist change because they focus on what they have to give up, instead of what they have to gain!  Don’t allow this commitment to scare you - you can always come back to this process whenever you feel out of alignment.

I created Chakra Boxes with the intention of not only guiding you towards clarity, growth, and healing, but to act on these urges too.

“I still don’t know if this is for me or if I have anything to heal”

We never know what curve balls life will throw at us - Chakra Boxes are created to assist you at any point you feel imbalanced and as many times as needed!

You can also take the “Which of my chakras are imbalanced” quiz!  I have a short one, and an in-depth assessment.  Both are accurate and may bring some clarity! :)

“I’m not sure I’m convinced that chakras even exist”

‘Everything is Energy’. This is a widely accepted theory in Quantum Physics and a scientifically proven fact.  In religion and spirituality, the movement of energy is the central, and fundamental, core around which many traditions are based. Ancient practices such as Reiki, QiGong and Tai Chi focus on the manipulation of energy to achieve well being.


We like to think of space as empty and matter as solid. But in fact, there is nothing to matter when you look at it at a subatomic level, most of what is contained within an atom is 99.9% space.  It is mostly unsubstantial - Everything connect via magnetic energy and is electrical energy.


All matter is held together via energetic bonds and consist of these atoms, of which most, is space. The movement of energy is vital to life. When we think, breathe, function or even when we are resting, electrical energy is flowing through our bodies via our neurons and nerve pathways.

The position of the major chakras correspond to the major nerve plexus’ or nerve ‘bundles’. 



You can read more about chakras here