Contacting Lady Scorpio

Questions? Email them to 

My Assistant checks emails every time we are completing orders.  

Normally you will hear a response from me the following day or two, so please be patient.  (I am one of the strange few who doesn't like to be on my phone or computer working 24/7 ;)

*Mark the email URGENT (or with the exclamation symbol) if its regarding your unshipped order.

Please DO NOT contact Lady Scorpio via Social Media about Orders, Policies, etc.

Understand, I am not the only one posting on my social media, I do have assistants who take care of a lot of that for me.  I expect high priority mail via email, so I am not always checking my messages on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Please DO contact me via Social Media if my website, coupon code, etc isn't working properly & you're not able to purchase your selected treasure! :) 

Thank you for Understanding! XO