The Gypsy Tribe ♡

The Gypsy Tribe 

(The Wild and Frees of my Brand Ambassador Program)

Steph RenfroStylist & Photographer  

I call utah home, from red rocks to mountain tops adventuring, creating, and photographing with my lover, furr baby Aussie, Rasta, and our 1979 VW bus.  I hope travel the world and experience this magical life through art, photography, and fashion and document it to inspire people through my blog Luna8lue, Continue growing and learning with the companies i work for, Ladyscorpio101 and Free people and creating unique work for them through my photography, style, and creativity, and move to the coast to live the California dream. Growing up in Utah I thrive for the outdoors and find myself at peace and most inspired in nature. Traveling and going to festivals to see new places, meet new people, and dance to beautiful music inspires my mind. And lastly the stars, I believe that we are all one, and should all live a life full of love because love inspires all. From the fashion I wear to the pictures I take, I strive to live an inspiring life that I love. 
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Alyson Loren Peterson | Blogger

I'm a Blogger, Graduate (December 2016) of Brigham Young University Therapeutic Recreation program.  Back in 2012, I started a service platform which evolved into my current business blog, "Build Your Beautiful".  Through my blog, my goal is to inspire women to build their own version of beautiful.  I work hard every day to live a healthy, happy life full of the things that inspire me to feel beautiful.  Whenever I come across something that helps me feel that way, I'll write about it-- whether it be a quote, exercise routine, healthy food, fashion product, beauty product, or a simple thought.  Lady Scorpio's Gypsy tribe is helping me to "build my beautiful" because this tribe encourages women to have a passion for adventure, fashion, and a healthy lifestyle.  I'm excited for this journey and can't wait for you to follow along!
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Karissa Patton | Photographer, Traveler

My name is Karissa and I currently live in NH. I've grown up in New England and have always had a passion for photography, travel, art and of course meeting new people! Believe it or not I actually met my boyfriend Brandon (the other half of @dualexploration) through instagram and since then we launched our dual account that combines both of our shooting styles in a vibrant and different way. We spend each moment that we can outdoors and are always road tripping and getting lost. I'm a firm believer in meeting for coffee, adventuring and then meeting for coffee again! I'm excited to say that we are packing everything we own into a uhaul next year and moving to Oregon! I'm excited to live somewhere new and can't wait to find new places to explore, friends to meet, photos to take and coffee to over consume!

Instagram @DualExploration

Kaitlyn Johnson | Assistant & Interior Design

Growing up, I always had a passion for interior design. I will be attending LDSBC in fall of 2016, but I am currently working on building my portfolio my marketing my work through social media. The spirit of the gypsy tribe is opening my eyes to trusting myself and working for my passions! It also has helped me to develop my own personal style, but learn to accommodate with others wants and desires.

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Kaity Sarina | Holistic Health

Living on the beautiful island of Hawaii, I am constantly inspired by the beauty of this earth and her earthlings.  Each day I am reminded how blessed we are to be here on this planet during this global shift of consciousness, rising up to our fires within.  The earth being my influence, I find my passions in sharing the gift of Holistic Health through the vehicle of Yoga and plant based nutrition.  Teaching yoga of many different styles for 5 years and receiving my Associated Degree in Holistic Psychology from South West Institute of Healing Arts in 2014, and I have been practicing and sharing ever since!  I want to inspire others to live more consciously so they can be the highest version of themselves, and glowing with pure health and happiness. | Instagram @KaitySarina


Laura James | Blogger

I've lived on the East coast of New England in the Ocean State my entire life. I adore finding the big, beautiful treasures within this tiny state. As a self-proclaimed empath and astrology geek, I've always had a passion for anything that makes my soul feel beautiful, happy and alive. I adore art, beauty, music, travel, photography, and communication. When I'm not exploring or working, I run a blog called Laura The Leo to help express my creativity and emotions! Mother Earth amazes me every day and I try to find the beauty in all things!

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Katie Stuart | Style & Travel Blogger

My name is Katie and I am a style & travel blogger based in Orange County, California. My site, allGLAMMEDup, aims to inspire young women about how to live a glammed up life on a budget, but also be themselves and pursue their dreams. I started my blog when I was a senior in high school and was writing for my high school's newspaper at the time. When I hopped online and made an account with Blogger, I had no idea that it would lead me to where I am today. So many amazing opportunities to work with amazing brands (like Lady Scorpio!) and travel to different places have come out of starting this blog. I have also met some amazing girls through blogging that I am now good friends with!