Chakra Box

Lady Scorpio

Are you ready for beautiful transformation in your life?

Chakra box is a subscription for every spirit who desires to live a healthy lifestyle by balancing their mind body and soul.

Chakras are energy centers within the human body that keep us healthy and in balance with the world around us.

Every 2 months, we focus on nourishing one of the seven chakras and build our boxes around that energy.  

Joining the tribe will not only help you evolve on your path to consciousness, but will bring you to an infinite level of self love and awareness.


The most recent Root Chakra Box Features:

Powerful Affirmation

Root Chakra Reference Guide & Activity Pamphlet

A Prismatic <wall hanging> & Silk Pillow Case by Lady Scorpio

A Crystal or Gemstone

A Guided Meditation

An essential oil blend from Doterra to promote Self Confidence

A Beauty Blitz card from Beauty by Brykelle


Each box features a powerful mantra, ritual, access to tips and tricks, essential oils, crystals, wall hangings, jewelry, alchemy teachings, and much more!


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If you have any questions that aren't answered here, feel free to email us at

How do I sign up?

Check out the Chakra box page and choose your subscription interval.  Once you have added it to you cart, checkout as usual and you’ll receive yours the following month.

When does each subscription close for each month?

Subscription closes 7 days before the last day of the month

When do I get my chakra box?

We will send out chakra boxes 7 days before the following month.  You will receive a tracking # to your email as soon as it is sent :)

Subscriptions automatically renew, cancel anytime :)

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Lady Scorpio wants to build special relationships with brands & ambassadors to help us grow our community of like-minded souls.  We are always looking for ones who believe in our mission to a higher conscious lifestyle.

If you are an influencer, or are interested in having a product featured in one or more of our boxes fill out a form!  We'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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