Lady Scorpio Mandala Duvet Covers

Lady Scorpio

Duvet Material Thick and durable. Sewn on 3 sides, Buttons up on one side

Duvet Size : One size Only; approximately 205 cm x 220 cm (or) 80.5 in x 86.5 inches (fits a Queen/Full)

 Materials consist of 100% Cotton

** To avoid color fading, wash separately with cold water and hang or lay flat to dry.

Each mandala is handmade & may have slight flaws (color dye, thread, etc.) in the material.   Color perception can slightly change in pictures vs. in person because each color is extremely vibrant. You can’t help, but love these beauties because that’s what makes each so unique & beautiful!

Because each tapestry is strictly made for decoration, they are not as soft as a blanket or quilt (although they do soften up over time).  

Each is created to mesmerize the eye, they're incredibly stunning and pick up various colors in photographs that aren't always visible to the naked eye. I have included many pictures taken in natural lighting without being edited. Be aware that the colors you see, may be different from the next pair of eyes. 

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