Lunar Phase Wall Hanging Decor

Lady Scorpio

Bring the Moon’s Magic into your Home

Dedicated to the Moon Child who dreams more often than she sleeps
The phases of the moon symbolize immortality and eternity.
She represents emotion of the mind, body and spirit.
She helps guide us to enlightenment or the dark side of nature herself.
Set your intentions with this magical piece, she will send your hopes and desires into the universe



Each is handmade with metal, and polished with a shimmering gold (or various other colors)

Hangs around 3-4 feet long.

Chain links are adjustable

Be gentle, the shimmering polish can leave a little sparkle

They may have slight flaws & not perfectly symmetrical, but thats what makes them so special!


Display image featuring photography by Heather Goodman @hbgoodie + Lauren Beeston @lobeeston


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