Clear Quartz Crystal Stone Point

Lady Scorpio

Amplifies any energy or intention.

Known as the stone of power


Clear quartz identifies with white light, representing the unifying vibrational frequency that harmonizes the seven colors of the rainbow, as well as our chakras. This beautiful stone amplifies the energy you program into it, elevating you to align with your intentions to bring quick manifestation.  Allow the power of clear quartz to protect your energy, intensify healing and spiritual growth, and manifest your dreams.


The quartz family is full of high-frequency overachievers, but the universally powerful Clear Quartz is definitely the standout. Being able to purify, amplify and program intentions makes a Quartz Crystal Point one of the most valuable crystals to have in your crystal tool kit. Place it in your home to cleanse and elevate the energy of your space, or use it in a crystal grid to multiply the energy of your other crystals. A universal healer, it links to all chakras to provide balance and harmony. By elevating thoughts and perspective with a Quartz Point, you will be able to manifest your intentions like never before.



Large Crystal Point: 2.5” x 2” x 4”

Small: 1-1.25”

Quartz Bundle: Bag contains approx. 5 pieces of quartz (crystal sizes vary .5”-1.25” // Bag Weight .5 lb)


  • Each crystal is unique; size, shape, color and patterns will vary
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